Dating divorced women egypt

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Dating divorced women egypt

The rise of Islamists to power has heightened concerns about women’s rights, which even under the more secular Mubarak government were severely constricted by Western standards.

“We are taking this and other recent statements made by El-Omda and other MPs very seriously because right now we know they can actually do this if they want,” said Salma Kamal of the EWU.

Crowds of outraged Egyptians — Christian and Muslim — took to the streets in protests across the country as the story developed. The nearly yearlong saga revealed Egypt’s deep-seated religious divisions.

On several occasions, protests turned violent outside churches, as angry mobs clashed. Sunni Muslims make up some 90 percent of the country’s 80.5 million people; the remaining 10 percent is Christian.

“It is important that pressure is put on these people to make sure they don’t destroy what little rights we women have in the country.” The El-Omda’s aim is to rescind legislation dating from 2000 that gives women “khula,” the popular term for the right to turn to the courts to order a divorce in the event the husband refuses to grant one.

Before that, Egyptian women did not have the right to divorce their spouses on their own terms.

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El-Omda framed his argument principally in terms of rolling back the era of former president Hosni Mubarak.

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