Dating marriage of convenience military woman frustrated with online dating

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As a result, there are many more gay men seeking a marriage of convenience than there are potential female partners.The women, being in a buyer’s market, can set high standards.Even though many of the couples won’t live together after marrying, women still require that their gay "husbands" be good-looking and have a stable job, sufficient savings, and – in real estate-crazed China – their own apartment.Xiaojian’s last blind date, who prefers to be called her by her English name, Zoe, only checked him out for three seconds before deciding his height was a deal-breaker.“I am doing a marriage of convenience for my parents,” says Zoe, who is gay. Since I am doing it, I want to make them satisfied.” Oftentimes, property is the “biggest concern” for most of the “couples,” says Liu Wei, a legal consultant for Aizhixing.They also have to negotiate over whether to have children and how to take care of each other’s parents in the future, she says.Gay men often find they have weaker bargaining power.

Many gay people, then, are turning to the xingshi marriage: A gay man and a lesbian (or, sometimes, a heterosexual woman) will marry one another to deflect the nagging from their parents and relatives. After marrying, they won’t necessarily live with one another, and many maintain their own same-gender partners.

” A growing number of activists and organizations are fighting for gay rights.

Li Yinhe, a prominent sociologist who studies sexual practices in China, has submitted a proposal to the government to legalize gay marriage.

That is the problem facing Ling Yu, a project officer for homosexuality at the Aizhixing Institute, an AIDS prevention and awareness grassroots nongovernmental organization based in Beijing. So it is not practical to challenge my parents.” At first glance, a marriage of convenience seems to be a good compromise between finding personal freedom and satisfying the parents.

Though he has helped many other gay men and women protect their rights, he acknowledges that he may end up in a xingshi marriage. But, as Xiaojian has found, finding a partner is not so easy.

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