Who is mark strong dating

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Who is mark strong dating

Mark's "Little Apocalypse" in chapter 13 is usually regarded as speaking of the events of the First Jewish Revolt, which took place 66-70 CE.The events surrounding the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Temple left a deep impression on the Jews of the time.107): "Irenaeus' statement (see above) that Mk was written in Rome has been widely accepted by modern scholars (e.g. Attempts have been made to support it by internal evidence (e.g. Such Latinisms, however, are the vocabulary of military occupation and speak as much for Palestinian provenance as for Rome.The connection Mark-Peter-Rome looks like second-century guessword based on 1 Pet .42-43): "of all the places suggested Rome has been by far the most popular, and, so far as the evidence permits of any conclusion, it is perhaps the most likely.The Gospel of Mark was clearly intended for a church consisting largely of Gentile members (see e.g.

The destruction of the Temple, which happened in 70 CE, is mentioned in v. Leaving the temple area, a disciple said: "Teacher, look at the huge blocks of stone and the enormous buildings!7:3f., , ), and one which had known, or was expecting, persecution for faith (cf.-38, f., 13:9-13); all this is compatible with Roman origin, and if the Gospel circulated from the beginning with the authority of the Roman church it is easier to explain how it so soon won an authoritative position." Reginald Fuller states the following on the provenance of Mark (A Critical Introduction to the New Testament, p.Jerusalem and the Temple were the center of religious life for Palestinian Jews, and the war with the Romans had ravaged the countryside and left thousands dead.Thus, it is understandable that some would associate these horrible events with the end times.

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Thus, the tradition of Markan authorship is to be taken seriously.